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Omega - Pop-up store

Heraclos WebGl Game

Web / 3D

Heraclos is an adventure video game made in WebGL, it's a final study project at Gobelins school of Image.

Help Heraclos to survive and accomplish his destiny. Explore the gods’ domain while using their powers and climb the sacred mountain to become a true hero.

We were a team of 5 students to realise this project, 3 designers (Alexandre Dellaleau, Maud Butin and me) and 2 developers (Fabien Motte, Patrick Heng). It was a real challenge to create a complete 3D platform game across browser without any software require for users.

We received many awards for this website as :

Awwwards Site of the Day

Fwa Site of the day and Site of the month

Task :
- Level & Game Design
- Modelisation and Retopology
- UX
- Buisness





Level 1

Level 1

Level 2

Level 2

Level 3

Level 3


Tiffany Beijing Event

Interactive installation / 3D / Motion

Tiffany wanted to organize a giant event in China and called Soixante circuits the company which I work with. We finnaly did tree interactive installation for them:
- an immersive interactive room
- an original photobooth
- interactive surprise box

I worked a lot on their content for this event. First we did a lot of proposal, that we present to Tiffany with motion that I realised. I designed the interface for the photobooth. I create 3D video of diamond in 360 4K for an immservive room.

For the event I went to China to supervise and help on the different installation. So I also work on the digital surprise opening box, I managed a team of 10 people, explain them how to install it,check that everything work and discussed with Tiffany to make it work as they wanted.

Task :
- 3D content and motion
- 3D plan and showcase
- Team management in China
- Technical interactive installation with Raspberry Pi

Video motion that I created after the event for Soixante circuits

Phoenix center where happen the event in Beijing

Inside Phoenix center

Proposal idea of interactive installation

Proposal idea of motion content

Work around true physical refraction of Diamond

Render in 4K of the diamond for the immersive room

UX and UI of the photobooth

Photo of inside the interactive room

Surprise Box with Raspberry Pi


WEB / 3D

Terraforma is a web experience between an interactive documentary and a serious game. The purpose was to impact people on their action towards nature.

We received an awards for this website:

Awwwards Honorable Mention

This project was for Gobelins School. It was made with Hugo Maury, Maximilien Jourdain and Benjamin Gammaire.

Thanks to Alexandre Delalleau for the help in 3D.

Task :
- Atristic Direction
- 3D visual and animation
- Motion 2D


Motion / 3D / Unity / AR / Interative installation

Biotherm wanted to organise an event in Shanguai. We had with Soixante circuits to create all the scenography and we also propose idea for interactive installation.

We were two designers to create all the proposal, visual and presentation to the client. It was a real challenge.

The event took place in Shanguai and was a success.

We worked after with them for different event and I still work today for them in freelance for project in AR and VR.

Task :
- Artistic Direction
- 3D Scenography, visual
- 3D plan
- Motion and technical test for original interactive interaction
- Video VR 3D and 360 capture
- AR program

Video motion that I realise after the event for Soixante circuits

3D visual scenography

3D visual scenography

Proposal visual interactive mirror

Proposal technical interactive mirror

3D video to show render of photobooth 360° installation

AR application that I create with Unity for a Biotherm Shop

VR video editing and 3D content incrustation

Möet Hennessy

3D / Motion

I worked a lot for Möet Hennessy with Soixante circuits. You can discover two projects below. One for a photobullet-photobooth, which I worked on the 3D plan for the fashion week. And an other photobullet with 3D incrustation for Roland Garros.

Task :
- 3D plan and visual
- 3D incrustation
- Capture video and editing

Video that I capture and edit after the event for Soixante circuits

3D plan

3D plan

3D motion with tennis ball

Photo with 3D incrustation of tennis ball

La tentation de St Antoine


The goal of this project was to render a piece of art interactive to attract a young audience.

This project was created for Le Louvre. It was made with Hugo Maury.

Peek : A new way to discover exhibition

UX / UI / Motion

We create this project with 4 other student at gobelins school: Anais Maxin, Mélanie Lo, Benjamin Gammaire, Jean-Charles Gigonnet

Peek is an application to use inside museums with a bracelet and to easily save what you see, to discover more after your visit.

We work a lot on the UX for this project with a lot of user tests.

Task :
- UX research and test
- UI
- Motion

Other projects

VR capture and incrustation of the game playing thanks to green screen

Fendi Bag project in 3D for personnalisation in China

Original Photobooth for Piaget

Motion for Found

Webgl AR Test with Ipad

Original Photobooth for Valentino made with Nuke

Omega : Pop-Up Store

Motion / 3D / Installation

Omega wanted to create an interactive pop-up store, which changing every two months to show different event during the year and to promote their NATO bracelet.

I worked for the artistic direction and created 3D renders of the pop-up to show how it will look for Omega but also to have clear plan to build the showcase itself.

I get part of this project with Soixante circuits in a lot of different aspect: Brainstorming, Design, Installation, Presentation...

Task :
- 3D of the store for showcase and plan
- Collaborate for artistic direction
- Installation of the Interactive content
- Creation of video in motion
- Capture video and editing for the making-off

An ad shot in front of the store for Instagram with Presley Gerber

Front of the store, artistic direction

Fast-Motion of the store

3D motion of the store

3D visual

3D visual

3D visual

Instagram video from Omega

Video generated for each person taking photos at an event for Omega


Proposal 3D of showcase

Proposal 3D of showcase

3D motion of the second showcase

Photo of the second showcase

3D vs Real

Interface to order nato

Motion about the interface to order nato